Why U.S. President Donald Trump is using ‘a very thin glove’

9 December 2017 07:03:18 U. S. President Trump on Friday tweeted that he had signed an executive order aimed at curbing the flow of refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and Africa to the United States, a move that has stoked a fierce backlash from human rights activists and critics in both countries.

The order directs the U.N. refugee agency to expedite processing of Syrian refugees and allows for the return of people who were previously detained.

Trump has said he will “immediately review” the order and respond to it if it violates the United Nations charter.

“We have to take a very, very hard look at what the U,N.

Charter is,” Trump told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Thursday.

“If there’s something that is not right, if it doesn’t meet the standard that we’re trying to meet, it will be rescinded.

That’s what we’ve done so far.”

Trump said that the order was a response to a recent U.K. report that the U (U.K.) has failed to fully vet Syrian refugees entering the country.

“This is what we call the thin glove, where there’s a thin, thin layer of protection, which is really not a very good thing,” he said.

Trump’s remarks came days after the U

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