Which states have the most people living in poverty?

table title  State With The Most People Living In Poverty article table source New York article table caption  The poorest 50 states have more people living below the poverty line than any other state, according to a new report.

 New York ranks second, followed by New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Illinois.

It also comes in at No. 4 overall.

The report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) found that states with the most children living in low-income families are all in the South and Midwest.

The study found that South Dakota ranked No. 1, followed closely by Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

States with the least amount of children living below poverty line are in the Northeast, Midwest, and West.

According to the CBPP, states with children living under the poverty level have the highest percentage of people living at or below the federal poverty level.

States with more than one child have the lowest percentage of children in poverty.

For more details on the report, visit here.

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