When will impeachment begin?

2 FIFA president’s resignation article 3 Fifa president’s interview with a journalist article 4 FIFA president apologizes to former president for corruption article 5 FIFA president says he does not remember how to do a handshake article 6 FIFA president resigns over corruption scandal article 7 FIFA president calls the president of the World Cup and the FIFA president of a new country in Qatar a “son of a whore” article 8 FIFA president accuses Qatar of not delivering on promises article 9 FIFA president praises former president of Qatar in letter of resignation article 10 FIFA president claims the Qatar 2022 World Cup was a sham article 11 FIFA president tells US that the Qatar World Cup “is not the right thing” article 12 FIFA president defends his decision to award Qatar World Cups to 2022 and 2022 World Cups, saying the votes “went against” him article 13 FIFA president threatens to pull Qatar World Championships from 2022 tournament if Qatar does not change course article 14 FIFA president said Qatar World Cams would “be held in a secret location” and the Qatar games would be “held in the darkest corner of the stadium” article 15 FIFA president confirms Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Championship and that the tournament was canceled in 2018 due to security concerns article 16 FIFA president admits he has been “bitter” over Qatar’s 2022 World Camps fiasco and that he will resign article 17 FIFA president vows to restore Qatar 2022 to FIFA by “opening a new chapter” article 18 FIFA president announces Qatar 2022 was canceled because of security concerns Article 19 FIFA president denies corruption allegations against him article 20 FIFA president to host Qatar 2022 2018 FIFA World Cup article 21 FIFA president cancels Qatar 2022 football World Cup in protest at corruption accusations

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