When does a new smartphone get an official name?

Posted October 11, 2018 08:18:00Apple has been making a big deal about its upcoming iPhone X, with its first teaser video teasing a special edition phone with a new name.

Now, that name is officially announced as “iPhone XS,” and the company says it will be releasing it on November 2.

Apple is making the phone a special, “Unveiled” edition, which will be available on the Apple Store and on select Apple retail stores.

“We’re unveiling the next generation iPhone XS today, bringing to market the next step in the evolution of iPhone design and technology,” Apple’s vice president of product marketing, Craig Federighi, said in a press release.

“The Unveiled edition is a special version of the phone that only the best iPhone X owners can get, offering a new design, upgraded features and an upgraded design for iPhone X customers.

This phone is the next evolution of the iPhone.”

Federighi went on to say that the phone will be named iPhone X and will feature a “unique design” that will make it the “most premium” iPhone.

The “unveiled iPhone X” will be limited to only 12,000 units.

Apple has said that the iPhone X will ship on October 10.

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