When a doctor’s life savings goes missing, his family is forced to look for a new doctor

The family of a medical doctor who died last year has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court against the New York State Police, the medical school, and the City of Rochester Medical Center, claiming the officers acted inappropriately and unlawfully in handling his estate.

The family’s lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court, alleges that the officers failed to follow the law and improperly detained Dr. Robert Breen, who was operating as a physician’s assistant in New York City’s City Medical Center.

The lawsuit alleges that while Dr. Breen was working, he was taken into custody at least two times by officers and later taken to jail in the Bronx.

The suit seeks compensatory damages for Breen’s family, as well as punitive damages for the officers, who it says did not use force to stop him from performing his duties.

The complaint was filed after the family of Dr. Thomas Czuchry filed a civil rights complaint against the City Medical Centers, Rochester Police Department and other law enforcement agencies for alleged wrongful death and civil rights violations in 2015.

Czuchries father, Dr. Charles Czucha, said in a statement on Wednesday that the family had a “special relationship” with the officers who had custody of Drs.

Czukas son, and they would continue to work to hold accountable those who violated the family’s rights.

“The city has a responsibility to ensure that all residents, especially those who have experienced and/or witnessed the wrongful death of a police officer, are safe and receive the appropriate medical care and support,” Czuchi said.

“Our family believes the law was followed in the circumstances and that the city’s policies and practices are fair and just.

We hope the city will take these allegations seriously and make changes that protect all citizens.”

The Rochester Police have denied any wrongdoing in Dr. Czychuys death.

In a statement, the city said that it “continues to work closely with the family and law enforcement to ensure the safety of all New Yorkers.”

It said that, while the City Police Department has implemented changes to its policies, there are currently no disciplinary actions under consideration.

“The police department is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all New York residents, including our police officers,” the statement said.

“As a result of the City’s policies, we do not currently have any policies or procedures in place for officers to intervene in a patient’s medical care.”

The family of Breen has previously filed lawsuits against the city, Rochester police, and Rochester Medical Centers.

Czychuies mother, Marjorie Czychys, said that she believes the officers’ actions were “unreasonable, unreasonable and unlawful.”

“I think that it’s a little shocking to the city that they would go through this,” she said.CZuchys father said he was concerned that the police department would not make changes to prevent future wrongful deaths of officers.

“I know that the people of Rochester are very upset, but I think that the best way for us to do something about this is to sue the city,” he said.

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