What the latest data shows about gun control in Australia

The Latest News – Thursday, June 25, 2018 11:02:19Read moreThe latest data from the Bureau of Statistics shows that the Australian population is on track to reach about 1.6 million by 2031.

But the Bureau says it expects there to be a lot of new people joining the population by 2041, and the number of gun deaths in Australia is predicted to be close to 1.3 million.

Gun deaths in New South Wales:The Bureau of Statistic said in its latest national report that the number one cause of death in New England was firearms, accounting for about 40 per cent of the total.

The Bureau said that, at the end of 2020, there were almost 2.5 million New England residents living in households that had a gun.

But there are many different types of guns, the bureau said.

It said that in New York City, guns accounted for about 10 per cent, and in the U.K., about 5 per cent.

The bureau also said that handguns accounted for a much smaller share of the population, at just under 0.3 per cent in New Zealand, 0.4 per cent nationally and 0.1 per cent elsewhere.

The statistics bureau also says that the proportion of the country’s population who own a gun is higher in rural areas, where there is a higher concentration of gun ownership.

In the New South Welsh region, just over 15 per cent owned guns, while in the other areas, that proportion was higher at over 19 per cent and 16 per cent respectively.

The New South and Northern Rivers region was a bit lower, with just under 10 per per cent owning guns.

There are other regional differences.

In Western Australia, the percentage of gun owners in the region is more than three times higher than in the rest of the nation.

And in Victoria, where guns account for a very small share of total gun ownership, there are even more differences in how gun owners across the country view their ownership of firearms.

The national statistics bureau has released the latest numbers on gun ownership in Australia.

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