Trump, Clinton have similar views on science

The political landscape for the first time in decades is one in which the Republican presidential nominee and Democratic presidential nominee are on the same page on the importance of science and evidence in health care.

It is one that has also been characterized by a marked divide between the two parties.

“Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton share a view that is a lot closer to what the majority of Americans think than their respective party platforms say,” said Peter Reuter, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

“The public wants better science, but they also want more transparency in government and better access to data, including on vaccines,” he added.

The public has grown more skeptical of government health-care spending, particularly in light of recent outbreaks of deadly coronavirus, but the Republican nominee has not taken a position on climate change.

For example, Trump has said that he would reverse President Obama’s climate change agenda if elected, but has not laid out specifics.

His policy platform does not mention the climate change issue at all.

Trump has also not expressed any support for a universal health-insurance program, even though his campaign has repeatedly pledged to make it a top priority.

Clinton has not offered any policy specifics on the issue, but her campaign has also pledged to “make health care the highest priority” of her administration.

On Monday, Clinton was asked about her stance on the science of climate change during an interview on MSNBC.

She responded: “There’s a lot of scientific evidence, and we’ve got to do what we can to address it.”

The two Democratic candidates have differed on the climate issue in recent months, but on Monday they were joined by the science advisory board of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The board endorsed Trump’s plan to eliminate the mandate that employers provide insurance to their workers.

Trump and his running mate, Indiana Gov.

Mike Pence, have said they will work to overturn the decision.

Trump and Clinton are both expected to participate in an AMA on Tuesday at the University of Pennsylvania, which will be moderated by Dr. Anne Case, a member of the AMA panel.

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