‘There’s no place for the church in politics’: Former church leader ‘disappointed’ by Trump

The former leader of Australia’s largest religious group has spoken out about the impact of Donald Trump’s election as US president.

In a statement, the Archbishop of Sydney said the election of Mr Trump was an “unmitigated disaster” for the country and his church.

“As our country transitions to a new president, there will be no place in politics for the Church of Australia, or any faith, for that matter,” Archbishop of New South Wales Gordon Lefebvre said.

“The election of Donald J Trump has been a disaster for all of us, but particularly for our Church, the church we founded and built.”

We have lost our faith and our community, our moral authority and our ability to lead our country forward.

“Our country needs a leader who respects all people and can be counted on to lead.”

There is no place, in politics or in our Church or in the wider community, for the Anglican Church in Australia to be, to be accepted, to have any part in political discourse.

“The Archbishop said he was “disappointed” in the outcome of the US election.”

I am very disappointed that the Church has been chosen to serve as the mouthpiece of the Trump administration, which is a total disservice to the millions of people in this country who have had to live with the consequences of this election,” he said.

The Archbishop, who has held the position for 27 years, was speaking as Australia celebrates the centenary of the birth of St John of the Cross.

In an earlier interview, he said he would not vote for Mr Trump, saying the president’s “divisive, authoritarian and xenophobic” rhetoric had made Australia less safe.”

This election is a disaster, it is not a victory,” he told 7.30.

Archbishop of Sydney Gordon Lefebrvre speaks during a press conference on the eve of his centenary at Sydney Cathedral on Sunday.”

It’s not just that the US has elected a man who has no respect for the law, who believes he can do anything to anybody he wants, who doesn’t think that all people should be treated equally, who is very dismissive of the very notion of the equality of all Australians, it’s not the end of the world.

“He said he felt “so strongly” about the role of religion in politics, and had hoped the Australian Government would work to make Australia a more welcoming place for Christians.”

To be honest, I would not be here if it weren’t for the support of the Australian people,” he added.

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