The most beautiful women in Italy

Italians have a hard time finding the right words for what they look like, but we can all agree that the country’s finest are often very beautiful.

And when it comes to fashion, they’re definitely on the trend.

Here are some of the best examples.1.

The Italian girl who looks like an angel on a white tuxedo (Source: Business Insider)1.

A model dressed as a dragon on the red carpet (Source)2.

The perfect Italian girl dressed as an angel (

The best Italian girl at the Oscars (Source.)4.

The girl who has the perfect Italian accent (Source, Business Insider/Google)5.

The latest in Italian fashion trends (Source Business Insider / Business Insider Italy)6.

The most stylish Italian girl (Source and Business Insider Italian)7.

The ultimate Italian beauty: The girl with a diamond-encrusted necklace (Source / Business News)8.

The man who knows what a woman is (Source/Business Insider)9.

The top 10 best Italian beauty products (Source Google)10.

The 10 best outfits (Source Reuters/YouTube)

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