How to save up on your holiday shopping by using the discount code on the cover of this month’s issue of Wired

discount codes are all the rage these days.

And when you factor in that we all know that we have to save some money for the holidays, it makes sense to give our readers something to shop for.

So we’re here to help.

Here are a few of our favorite deals to take advantage of this holiday season.

How to save money on your Christmas shopping this monthWith the advent of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re all expecting to see some massive sales across the retail landscape.

But is that the case?


There are some bargains on the horizon, and you can be sure to be one of them.

Below is a list of deals we think you’ll be able to snag for a little bit of savings on your favorite brands.

Shop the Best New Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories This week’s best fashion for men, women and kids is a collection of new styles from a number of brands including Gap, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Zara, ModCloth, Zappos, Guyliner and more.

Check out the full list below.

T-Shirt Colors in Black, White, Red and Blue These Black &White shirts are just the start.

You can also check out our top 10 best color combos for men and women below.

You may also want to check out the top 10 favorite color combos in women’s fashion.

Bagels from L’Oreal This bagels collection is absolutely delicious, and they have tons of new flavors in their assortment, so you’re sure to find something for everyone.

Grab a couple bags and get ready to make some friends.

The Perfect Gift for Christmas This is the perfect gift for the most discerning shoppers, as well as those who want to have something for Christmas for their entire family.

This is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, as you’ll receive a selection of the best gifts available for Christmas, and a personalized gift card.

Eco-Friendly Products from the UK, USA and EuropeLoving this product and the fact that it comes from a brand you love is always nice.

The eco-friendly packaging makes this product great for a family and friends, and the high quality of the products is impressive.

The only thing missing is the adorable packaging, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the fact this item is eco-neutral.

Cute Christmas Cards with Beautiful DesignsThe holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to give thanks to the people who have helped make this a very special time for us all.

The best way to give them some thanks for the kindness they’ve shown us is to create a personalized card featuring their name and holiday spirit.

Grab your personalized cards now and see how you can make a lasting impression on a loved one.

Holiday Gift Ideas for KidsHoliday Gifts for Kids are the perfect way to make the holiday season fun and easy.

Whether you want to send your child a gift or simply give them a holiday treat, we’ve got you covered with this list of gift ideas for kids.

Soup Recipes from Sauté & ServeThese are delicious, simple, easy-to-make soups that will be sure ta please everyone.

These are the best soups for kids, and even adults, since they’re healthy and easy to make.

This soup recipe is the epitome of easy and healthy, and everyone will love it.

Top-Rated Gifts for the HolidaysSoup Mixes are always a hit, and this soup mix is no exception.

If you’re looking for something different, try this soup recipe from the chef behind Top Chef.

Black Bean & Rice Soup RecipeBlack Bean and rice soup are some of our favorites.

The ingredients are easy to prepare, and when you add the creamy flavor of beans, rice and spices, you get an all-around great recipe.

We’ve got all the ingredients you need to make this delicious soup recipe.

Chocolate & Cream Cheese Fudge Chunk CakeSour cream, chocolate, and vanilla bean ice cream will give this fudge cake recipe a special touch.

And the chocolate flavor is added to make it the perfect treat for any chocolate lover.

Easy Christmas Gift Ideas with a Unique TwistThese are great Christmas gift ideas, but they also have some unique twist.

You know that moment when you go to buy a gift and realize that your best friend just gave you something special?

Well, they’re just one of our Christmas gift idea ideas you’ll love.

Find out more about these Christmas gift inspiration ideas below.

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