How to help with the federal election and how to vote in the next six weeks

article title Election Day: The day when the dust settles and the news is in, article title Federal election: The big stories that will determine your vote, results and outcome article title President Donald Trump signs an executive order on the National Guard, military and national defense article title The federal government will begin offering tax refunds to some veterans and individuals, but the deadline is November 16, 2018 article title Trump signs executive order that expands the definition of national security and intelligence gathering, and makes it harder for US citizens to be targeted by the NSA article title Former president Donald Trump’s first executive order makes it easier for businesses to report cyber attacks article title How you can make your vote count in 2018, as Trump moves to tighten the rules on voting article title What you need to know about the 2018 midterm elections article title Here’s what you need before Election Day 2018, and when you can vote, says the White House article Title Federal elections: The biggest stories that could affect your vote in November, results, and outcome.

article title You don’t need to wait for the inauguration to get into the race.

The next six months are shaping up to be a year of elections, with the 2018 congressional elections starting on November 1, 2018, says CNN.

Here are the key dates, and how they can affect you.

November 5, 2018 – President Donald J. Trump signs a memorandum expanding the definition and scope of national defense and intelligence collection.

November 12, 2018-President Donald J

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