How to be happy and avoid grief

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In a new interview, author and entrepreneur Matt Groening discusses how to be happier, what you need to eat to feel fulfilled, and why you should always take time for yourself.

Groening has been living a happy life and living in the middle of nowhere for more than five years now.

He’s not shy about sharing what it takes to be content and happy, but his message of gratitude is often lost in the shuffle of his career and current life.

We asked Groening about the most important things he does to stay content and make the most of every day.

Groens first thoughts: “I think about happiness a lot.

I think about how it is to be alive.

I want to be the happiest person on the planet.”

Groening: “The most important thing to me is to get out of the house and walk on the ocean and just have some fun.

Just have fun.

There’s nothing wrong with being miserable or depressed, but just having fun is what keeps you going.”

He added, “The biggest thing that I learned about myself as a person is that I’m not a perfect person.

I’m a horrible person.”

Groens biggest mistake?

Trying to make it big.

“I don’t really know what I’m good at.

I have no real passion in life.

I don’t like to do anything.

I just like to be around people and be around them for as long as I can.”

“There’s a whole world of people that I could be in, but I really can’t.

It’s not like I’m one of these people that has the most fun, it’s just because I can’t really do it, you know?”

What’s the secret to staying happy?

“I really do believe that you have to get rid of your fear.

You have to learn to accept that this is just a game and you can’t control it.”

What’s one of the most common mistakes people make?

“Getting over the fear of failure.”

Groins best advice for people who are struggling with stress and depression?

“Be honest with yourself, and if it seems like you’re feeling really good and that you’re doing great, don’t.

Try and get it checked out.

Do you know how many people just go back to the same routine and are never able to get it back?”

What does Groening look forward to the most in 2017?

“Being able to do something I really love.

And to be able to see my parents.

Being able to walk around the house again, and get some fresh air, just being able to relax and have a few beers and watch TV.

And then the movies.”

What advice would you give to someone who’s struggling with anxiety or depression?

Groins advice for dealing with anxiety?

“Just don’t try to control it, just let it be.

Just be a free spirit, and let it happen.

I know I am.

I’ve been able to just be myself.

You can do it.”

Groans biggest takeaway from 2017?

It’s all about the journey, and being honest with oneself and the people around you.

Groins biggest regrets?

“Not being able and getting out of my house.

That would be a huge regret.”

Groenings advice for someone struggling with depression?

Be the best you you can be, but be yourself.

If you’re not, then you can never be the best.

Groenins biggest challenge as a writer?

“If I have a question, I want someone to give me a clear answer.

I am not a writer.

I write.

I’ll write and I’ll answer questions.

I really don’t want to write about my life.

It would be too much of a waste.”

Groinings advice to someone struggling to get on the road?

“Go to the beach, go to the pool, do something.

I get that, but if you’re going to be on the streets and on the bus, go and do something.”

Groindings biggest lesson learned from 2017 so far?

“Don’t be scared of anything.

Just do whatever it takes, and have fun.”

What is your favorite recipe for vegan ice cream?

“It depends on how much butter I use.”

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