How to avoid ‘false news’ in your newsfeed

The latest trend in the news is that news stories about people being killed in police custody have been pulled from Facebook’s news feed.

The trend was first spotted by user “BH” who wrote on Facebook that the posts on his feed were now missing and that the information was not shared.

“The reason for this is that Facebook’s system is to show people the latest news, but the way they do this is through their News Feed.

The current system does not show us the latest stories, and the fact that the Facebook page shows us these stories makes it very easy to get false news about them,” said an email from Facebook.

A spokesperson for Facebook told the Indian Express that this is a problem that has been going on since the site launched and that it was working on an update.

“We have taken this step to ensure that we are not inadvertently spreading false information,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that the change to the News Feed was being rolled out in a “quick and transparent manner”.

“We will work with Facebook to ensure the latest updates are delivered to users quickly and in a transparent way,” the statement said.

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