How The New York Times’ Editorial Board Changed Its Mind About the Syrian War

article The New England Journal of Medicine recently published an editorial arguing that the US-led bombing campaign in Syria is “a failure” and that “the United States is on the verge of losing the war.”

The editorial was written by the editorial board of The New Yorker magazine.

The editorial came on the heels of a statement issued by the editors of The Times and The Washington Post on Wednesday that called on President Donald Trump to stop attacking Syria.

The New American is a news outlet that specializes in opinion and commentary on topics of national importance.

The editors of the two publications published an open letter on Thursday to President Trump calling on him to end the bombing of Syria and to “come to terms with the truth.”

They also expressed support for a possible US withdrawal from Syria.

“It is important to note that our views differ with those of the editorial boards of The Washington Times and the New Yorker, who have stated that the United States should not be engaged in the civil war in Syria,” the editorial read.

“We think that the conflict in Syria should be resolved diplomatically and without recourse to military force.”

The New Republic also published a similar editorial on Thursday.

“The US should not support Syrian rebels or groups like al-Qaeda,” the New Republic editorial read, citing the recent US strikes in Libya, Syria, and Yemen as well as the recent chemical attack in Idlib province in Syria.

They added that “there is no doubt that Assad is guilty of using chemical weapons against his own people, but this evidence is in the hands of the regime.” 

“It’s a bad deal for the Syrian people,” one of the authors of the New York magazine op-ed, Matt Zapotosky, told the Washington Examiner on Thursday, referring to the US war against Syria.

He added that the bombing campaign “has already killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians.” 

Zapotosky told the Examiner that while the New American editorial did not call for the US to withdraw from Syria, “the article in question was a response to a letter sent by the New England journal to the president.

“These groups are strongly against the US bombing of the Syrian government.” “

The letter was signed by a variety of groups, including the American Association of Physicians for Human Rights, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Physicians For Human Rights and Physicians for Global Health,” he said.

“These groups are strongly against the US bombing of the Syrian government.” 

In the letter, the group wrote, “The current bombing campaign has been a disaster, and it has caused tens of thousands to die.

The Syrian people are suffering and their suffering will continue.

The US should come to terms quickly with the reality that the war is over.” 

The New York editorial, however, made no mention of the letter signed by the American doctors, who were quoted as saying, “There are not many people who are willing to go to war in this war, and they are not going to join us.” 

According to the New America editorial, the letter “was sent by a coalition of civil society organizations, including Physicians for a Free Syrian Health Care System, Physicians in Syria, Physicians Without Borders, Physicians United for Syrian Civil Liberties, Physicians International, Physicians Council, Physicians of American, Physicians Foundation, Physicians Alliance, Physicians Union, Physicians Action, Physicians Uprising, Physicians Against Chemical Weapons, Physicians’ Committee for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons and Physicians Without Border.”

The signatories included the American Academy of Pediatrics, Physicians Association, Physicians and Engineers for Social Justice, Physicians Education Network, Physicians Federation, Physicians Guild, Physicians Health Policy, Physicians Organization, Physicians-in-Action, Physicians Society, Physicians, Women in Medicine, and Physicians United.” 

“What does this mean? “

This letter is a blatant lie and a betrayal of the millions of Syrians who have been killed by the war, by the US airstrikes and by the blockade of their hospitals and medical facilities,” said Mohammed Badr al-Qahtani, an opposition activist who is a member of the Syria Civil Council.

“What does this mean?

It means that the Syrian regime is going to kill all of us.

The whole world is watching.

They know that we are going to rise up and kill them, and we are not afraid.” 

Bader added that while”

I think that this is really the first step toward the United Sates war machine being unleashed in Syria.” 

Bader added that while

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