German police officer charged in 2016 shooting

A German police lieutenant was charged in a 2015 shooting in Germany that wounded a police officer.

Germans are protesting over the officer’s shooting in the city of Bochum, and a trial has been scheduled for December.

The shooting happened in Bochums old port area, near the German border with Austria, in December 2016.

A video of the incident showed a man with a gun pointing his gun at the police officer, as well as a crowd of onlookers.

The officer who was shot and killed later died at the hospital.

Police said the suspect, who has not been named, was shot after a confrontation with the officers.

Police are searching for the gunman and the suspect’s girlfriend, and will also be looking into possible other cases of violence against officers.

The suspect was charged with murder, assault with a weapon, and attempted murder.

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