A man with a history of domestic violence says he has no regrets about killing his wife

SPIDERING OUT: Spinning the wheel, how to find the best articles in the New Scientist article A man who stalked his wife’s friends for years after he married her has said he has never regretted his killing his girlfriend’s best friend, who was his “only friend” and had no intention of being married to him.

Mark Taylor, 41, told the BBC that he killed his girlfriend in 2015, after a “homicidal” row that began when he was drunk at a pub.

“I thought she was my only friend and I had no regrets in the world,” he said.

“It was just, I just went for it.”

The murder is believed to be one of the worst cases of domestic abuse in recent British history, with the victim’s family and friends struggling to cope.

But the incident is now being investigated by a national inquiry into domestic violence, which is looking into the way in which social media feeds have changed the way we live.

The BBC’s James Daley, in London, spoke to Mr Taylor about his decision to kill his former girlfriend.

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