A ‘big-bang’ search for the best mobile apps

By Gaurav Gopalan on May 30, 2018 15:47:57If you are a regular user of Google Maps or Google Now, you have probably heard about this feature, which lets you easily create a new map with a map icon in the top right corner of your Android phone.

Google Maps has a lot of features, including directions, traffic information, real-time traffic information and a variety of other features that are useful for getting to a place or finding an event.

The feature can also show you the closest bus stop, and even give you a real-world route from one place to another.

But for the last few years, Google Maps has been the default search for Android smartphones.

And for good reason.

Google Now, the company’s new search function, has been available for Android since 2016.

Now, Google has made it a little easier to search for Google Maps with this feature.

If you are looking for a particular location, simply hit the Search icon and the Google Maps search bar will show you a list of nearby locations, with the search results automatically generated.

Google has also introduced a few new features that make searching for Google maps a little bit more convenient.

For example, you can now use a special bar to highlight the area you want to search, and then just press the search icon to launch the map.

You can also scroll down to see what nearby search results are.

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